Film Set Photos
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On the set of Mr. Soul October 2005.

I am actor (GEORGINA) I play Eric Schweig's wife in the film.  Eric Schweig has been in various films such as "Last of the Mohicans", "Missing", "The J.J. Harper Story" and much more feature films.

The director of this film is Jeremy Torrie, a well known local Film Director and Producer of various films in Canada and United States.

This is ACTOR Eric Schweig, CHILD ACTOR, and myself as GEORGINA in Mr. Soul

Such a handsome man in person as well as on screen.

Sitting outside my trailer, tired but relaxing and talking with other cast.


Character name GEORGINA is written on my trailer door.


I am going inside my trailer to study lines.


Me and Gordon Tootosis on Mr. Soul he plays CLIFFORD.

Gordon Tootosis is so fun to work with on this film set, he was always so happy and talkative with us other actors.

He told us numerous jokes and personal life stories that were very personal.  I hope I do another film with him.

On the Film Set of short film "Believe in Me", directed/written by Finlay Harper. December 2004

I play the principle character "MARTY", I have supposed to have fallen on the railroad tracks.

This film era is 1930s.  Marty falls in love with Frankie who later Marty kills herself.

This is me and Actor Monika Schermann, who plays CONTSTABLE BEAR.

Monika was so down to earth, she is a true person with respect and is very professional in her acting career.

I look forward to seeing her in other films and working with her again.